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The perfect blend: Coffee meets beer

Our new brew will make your taste buds sing

Interstellar Beverages

Lucky Star

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee with Coffee Beans

- A Premium Coffee Beer -

Brewed using only the finest quality ingredients, our coffee infused craft beer is the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. The subtle notes of coffee perfectly complement the malt and hops to create a deliciously complex and layered flavour profile.

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brewed locally in Rosebery NSW

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100% arabica coffee

freshly grounded coffee beans used

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no additives

no additional flavour enhancers added

Wake up to a new beer experience!


Lucky Star

A smooth blend of coffee and hops.

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Coffee meets beer

- the best of both worlds.

Get a buzz with our PREMIUM coffee beer!

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Sip and relax with our brew.

Interstellar Beverages

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